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With Points Path installed on your desktop or laptop browser, you can start searching for airline award prices immediately. All you need to do is start a Google Flights search at flights.google.com. Points Path works on both one-way and roundtrip flight searches using miles for American, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, United, and Air Canada. More airlines are coming soon!

As the regular cash results appear, Points Path will begin retrieving the award prices of the same flights. You’ll see spinners appear next to the cash prices as Points Path works.

The prices in points and miles will replace the spinners as the data arrives, along with an arrow showing whether it’s a better deal to “Use Miles” or “Use Cash” on each flight. After 5-10 seconds, you’ll have award pricing for every supported program. And if a seat on that flight isn’t available with points or miles, you’ll see a message indicating that too.

If you find a flight that you’d like to book using points or miles, you can also use Points Path to take you right to that flight on the airline’s website. Simply click on the flight you want in order to open the standard Google Flights booking page, where you’ll also see a booking link provided by Points Path in points or miles.

Click on the related “Continue” button to go to the Points Path website, which will have all the details of your flight assembled and ready to go, along with options for acquiring additional points or miles if you don’t already have enough.

Finally, scroll down and click on the bright blue button marked “Continue to Airline Website.” Points Path will assemble and take you directly to the airline’s own award search for your itinerary. Then all you have to do is scroll down, find your flight, and click on the matching award pricing to book it.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you search with Google Flights, Points Path performs an identical flight search with each of its covered airlines, but requests prices in points or miles instead of cash. The results are then combined with Google’s results, so you’re always seeing the most up-to-date pricing available from both Google and the airlines themselves.
Points Path currently offers award pricing for the frequent flyer programs of American, Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, United, and Air Canada. This includes all flights on the six airlines themselves, as well as flights with partner airlines.
Yes! We’re already working on adding more programs, and you’ll be seeing them very soon.
Nothing! While in the future, there may be a small monthly fee for personalized or advanced features, the basic Points Path search extension will always be free.
This message indicates there has been a temporary hiccup in our connection with an airline. When this happens, try to refresh the page in your browser to see if the correct points information appears.

You can use any currency with Points Path, but in order for the extension to run properly, the language option in Google Flights must be set to “English (United States).” Also, you must use the basic dot-com version of Google Flights at flights.google.com — regional versions of Google Flights will not work.

Yes. While the visual experience is a bit cluttered, the two extensions will work together (and we plan to make this integration even more seamless in the future).
We have received reports of users successfully installing and running Points Path on other Chromium-based browsers. However, we have not yet tested the extension on other browsers beyond Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, so we cannot guarantee it will work. Also, since Apple’s Safari browser uses a different architecture, Points Path will not run on Safari (though we’re planning to release a Safari version in the near future).
Yes! All extensions submitted to the Google Web Store undergo a review by Google for security and safety before being permitted to publish or update. Points Path complies with all policies and guidelines of the Google Web Store, and contains no harmful or malicious code.

While the Chrome Web Store hosts the Points Path installation file, it’s not publicly listed in a search of the store. To get a link to install Points Path, sign up via pointspath.com, then click the blue “Click here to install Points Path” button in the email you receive from us.

You can read our complete Instructions guide, which has additional questions and answers, or you can click on the “Contact” link in the top right corner of this page and send us an email. We love hearing from our users, so don’t be shy!

Installation Issues

It’s possible our email ended up in your spam folder (or if you have Gmail, under the “Promotions” or “Social” tabs). If you find our email in one of those folders, we recommend moving it to your inbox so you receive our messages going forward. And if you can't find our message, please reach out to us at mailbox@pointspath.com.
This message likely means that your version of Google Chrome is too old to run Points Path. You’ll need to update your Chrome browser to the latest version.
If you’re using another type of browser such as Safari or Firefox, you’ll get a message that you have to download Chrome to use Points Path, as it currently only works on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.
The same Points Path extension that was built for Chrome can be used in Edge. Just copy the link from the blue “Click here to install Points Path” button in your installation email and paste it into your Edge browser in order to install Points Path from the Chrome Web Store in Microsoft Edge.
We haven't tested the extension on a Chromebook system so we can't guarantee it will work or provide support for any issues, but we've received unofficial reports from users of Points Path working on a Chromebook.
We have not heard of any specific issues so far, but it’s always possible there could be a conflict with another extension. If you’re having a problem with Points Path, you can try turning off other extensions and see if Points Path works when it’s the only extension enabled.

Issues Starting Points Path

This error means the extension is unable to connect to our servers. Assuming you have a stable internet connection, this can sometimes happen if you’re on a work or school network that blocks certain internet requests. If this happens to be the case, please try Points Path on a different Wi-Fi or wired network, and see if the error goes away.

The most common reason that Points Path doesn’t work is that Google Flights is set to run in an unsupported language. Points Path currently only works when the language is set to “English (United States).” Also, make sure you’re starting at flights.google.com, not a regional version of Google Flights. If you’re being redirected to a different domain, try using flights.google.com/ncr to force Google to stay on the dot-com version.

Double check that you’re on a desktop or laptop computer (not a mobile device), that you have all of the switches set properly in the “Settings” section of the Points Path extension dashboard, and that you’re searching Google Flights in a regular browser window. Points Path doesn't work in incognito mode unless you specifically enable it to do so.
You can access your settings in the Points Path dashboard by clicking the “Extensions” button in the upper right corner of your Chrome/Edge browser, and then by clicking on “Points Path”.
We've had reports of the extension not working properly when a user is on a network where internet access is restricted through a firewall or other security technology, such as a school or workplace network. If this is the case, try using Points Path on a different Wi-Fi or internet network to see if you’re able to successfully retrieve points prices.
We’ve also had a few reports of people having problems linked to the Google profile that’s signed into Google Flights. Try signing out of Google Flights (or sign in with a different Google profile) by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the Google Flights page next to the square box with 9 dots. (Note that signing out of your Chrome browser does not seem to correct this issue — it’s the profile being used on the Google Flights page itself that needs to be changed).

Using the Extension

Click the “Extensions” button on the top right corner of your browser, then click “Manage Extensions.” Find Points Path in the list of extensions and click on its “Details” button. From there, scroll down and turn on the slider labeled “Allow in Incognito” or the checkbox marked “Allow in InPrivate.”
Yes! We get our data by performing exactly the same searches you would make as a customer on the airline’s website or app. If you do find a discrepancy between our prices and the airline’s, please reach out to us via the “Contact” option in the top right corner of our website or in the “Settings” section of the extension and let us know.
Using our proprietary valuations, we compare the points price of each flight to the price in cash. If the cash price is at least 5% cheaper, Points Path will say to “Use Cash.” If the miles price is 5%-15% cheaper than the cash price, it’s a “Good Deal,” and if it’s 15% cheaper or more, it’s a “Great Deal.” And if the two prices are within 5% of each other, our advice is to “Use Either.”
Yes, we’re planning on adding support for all of Google’s supported languages in the near future.
We work very hard to limit the access needed by Points Path on your computer and browser to the absolute minimum. But on occasion, a technical change or new feature requires us to add additional access requirements to the extension. When this happens, your browser will ask you to review the new permissions before allowing the extension to work again. All updates to Points Path go through the same Google review process and must be approved by Google before being distributed in the Web Store, so you can safely re-enable Points Path if you see this message.


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We do not sell any user information, in any capacity, to any third parties. However, if you are a resident of California and would like to request that your information is not to be sold now or in the future under the CCPA, please reach out to us through the “Contact” button on the top right corner of our website or in the “Settings” section of the extension, and we will make a specific note on your account. If at any time you would like us to delete your information entirely, please contact us via either of the same methods and we will do so.
Thanks for being a user! If you feel that Points Path is worthy of a 5-star review, we would love to have more of them on our extension review page.
Please reach out to us via the “Contact” option in the top right corner of our website or in the extension settings, and we’ll be happy to help.
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